Our People

A wise person once said: "Don't try to change the world, just change yourself and influence 10 people around you and the world will change." We like to work with people to do our best. It shows in our employees. You hear it all the time that young people today don't know how to work. That's not true, they just want attention, guidance, and encouragement (and money)! It's true that they may not blindly slave away at a task like we may have done years ago, but it's a new world, and maybe that's growth! We hire 20-30 teens for the summer and almost as many for the fall-harvest and retail season.


The Truth Is...

After shearing 500,000 trees in 40 days, then greening 10,000 trees, harvesting another 15,000 for Wholesale, and then servicing your needs at the Cut your own (which is the most enjoyable part of it all), I sure wouldn't accuse them of not being able to work!

Christmas tree farm staff Hardworking Christmas tree farm crew
Friendly Chrsitmas tree farm crew Working at Jan's Christmas Tree Farm

Hard Labor

Much of what we do here is Physical hard-labor type of work and the world seems to have judged that as bad or menial. We work side by side with our people in this labor and it means a lot to them that we do. We get to talk to them about life and situations, problems, solutions, and they reflect back to us who we were then.