We offer a wide variety of tree species for decoration or your next Christmas Tree. Each tree offers something unique, so, take a look and learn a little more about each to see what species would be best for you.  Trees are priced standing in the field. Each tree that is ready to harvest will have a Price tag on it with another tag to let you know what species it is. Prices start at $49.99 and go up from there.


Korean Fir

  • Strong Branches
  • Very Fragrant with Citrus Smell
  • Great needle retention
  • Light Green top of needles with white underside

Canaan Fir

  • Great Fragrance
  • Dark green needles 
  • Good Needle Retention
  • Sturdy Branches
  • Canaan Fir Red9-10ft Blue8-9ft_copy

Cut your own Fraser Fir MinnesotaFraser Fir

  • Strong Branches for heavy oranaments
  • Great Smell
  • Dark Green needle with  blue under side
  • Soft to the touch
  • Excellent needle retention 

Cut your own Balsam Fir MinnesotaBalsam Fir

  • Very fragrant
  • Old-fashioned
  • Short dark green needles
  • Very good needle retention
  • Firm branches that support light-heavy decorations

Cut your own White Spruce MinnesotaWhite Spruce

  • Beautiful year-round color
  • Known for needles and cones that always hang down
  • Narrow straight and tall tree
  • Tolerates most soil conditions
  • Grows 40' to 60' tall with a 10' to 20' spread 


Cut your own Colorado Blue Spruce treeColorado Blue Spruce

  • Magnificent silvery blue-green needles
  • Great form and superb adaptability
  • one of our most popular evergreens
  • Deer Resistant: seldom severely damaged
  • Grows 50' to 75' high with 20' spread


Cut your own White Pine MinnesotaWhite Pine

  • Delicate, extremely full look
  • Great for decorating with light weight ornaments
  • Very mild fragrance
  • Soft, green, very long needles
  • Excellent needle retention

Norway Pine Christmas tree MinnesotaNorway Pine

  • Firm, deep green, very long needles
  • A uniquely western mountain fragrance
  • Excellent needle retention
  • Strong branches

Scotch Pine

  • Medium length needle
  • Strong Branches
  • Great Needle retention
  • Scotch Pine 7-8 Premium (yellow tag)

Buy Maple trees in MinnesotaMaples (Red)

  • Adds color to your landscape year-round with red stems in winter
  • Brilliant deep red or yellow fall colors
  • Fast-growing tree
  • Deer resistant: seldom severely damaged
  • Grows 40' to 60' high with 40' spread